The following Departments in this District have been selected for e-governance.
1. Tamil Nilam (Computerization of Land records)
2. Regional Transport Office
3. Rural Development.
4. Registration Department
5. District Treasury

The various activities in above Departments are furnished below:

Computerisation of Land Records Programme which is a centrally sponsored Scheme has already been implemented in this District with 100% financial assistance from the Government of India.


a) To facilitate easy maintenance and updating of the changes which occur in the land data base, such as changes due to availability of irrigation, natural calamites, consolidation or on account of legal changes like, transfer of ownership, partition, land acquisition, lease etc.
b) To provide for Comprehensive scrutiny to make the land records tamper proof which indirectly expected to reduce the menace of litigation and social conflicts associated with land disputes.
c) To provide the required support for implementation of development programme for which data about distribution of land holding is vital.
d) To facilitate detailed planning in the areas of infra structural development as well as environmental development.
e) To facilitate preparation of annual set of records in the mechanized process and there by producing accurate documents for recording details such as collection of land revenue, cropping pattern etc.,
f) To facilitate collection/ compilation/ supply of all information in reply to variety of standard and ad hoc queries on land data.
g) To provide data base for Agricultural census.
h) To issue updated copy of Record of Rights to land holders quickly and at a cheaper rate.

Data entry of basic land records ‘A’ Register and 10(1) Chitta in respect all the villages except O’Valley Village, Udhagai and Coonoor towns, its validation and Updation upto Fasli 1413 was completed. All security systems including.

a) Assignment of Super-User/user codes, log in names, passwords.
b) Assignment of Specific responsibilities to specific staff for the security of the data base.
c) Assignment of user access rights to different modules and enabling and  disabling of such rights.
d) Generation of daily transaction logs.
e) Maintenance of user log book were in place in the Taluk Offices. Checklists 1,2,3 and 4 and CD Backups 1, 2 and 3 are in safe custody in Taluk Offices.
Compact Disc back up of updated land records of all the six taluks of the District as on 30.06.2004 was also handed over at the Office of the Special Commissioner & Director of Survey and Settlement on 19.07.2004.

All the taluks in this district have been functioning ON LINE mode as detailed below for maintenance of accounts and issues of Computerized extracts of land records.
1) Coonoor, Gudalur, Kundah & Pandalur Taluks : 01.07.2003
2) Udhagai Taluk : 19.08.2002
3) Kotagiri Taluk :25.08.2003

ON LINE Service under the Computerisation of Land Records Programme christened as on TAMIL NILAM provided for ON LINE issue of Computerised extract of land records on collection of user charges of Rs.20/- per copy. In G.O.Ms.No.382 Revenue dated 3.9.2003, issue of manual and handwritten extract of land records has been banned so as to issue only computerised extract of land records ON LINE Service. There is smooth transition from the manual to the computerised system without any snag which helps to introduce uniformity through out the State. Detailed circular instructions were issued to the Revenue Divisional Officers & the Tahsildars in the matter. Notification has also been issued in the District Gazette regarding banning of issue of manual and handwritten extract of land records.



The E-Governance started Online on 23.11.2005. There are two softwares running in this office namely Vahan and Sarathi.
LLR and New registration works has been Online from 23.11.2005

HP , Transfer of ownership, vehicle alteration and Renewal of RC works have been Online from 18.01.2006.
Fitness Certificate works has been Online from 01.02.2006
Driving License works has been Online from 12.04.2006
Permit works has been Online from 24.07.2006.
Conductor License works has been Online from 10.08.2006.
The Vahan software is used upon the collection of fees, Registration of vehicle and Issuing of Permit transaction.
The Sarathi software is used upon issue of Learner License, Driving License, Conductor License and Driving School License.

        Local self Government in Nilgirs District has distinct role to play. There are 4 Panchyat Unions, and 35 Village Panchyats. Udhagamandalam is the biggest Block with 13 Panchayats, Secondly Kotagiri has 11, Coonoor has 6 and Gudalur has 5 Panchayats. Being the hilly District and cold climatic conditions old communication system has severe limitations for easy communication. The modern Communication tool (i.e) internet facility has beaten the barriers in communication and gives opportunity for faster and reliable communication throughout the District.
        In the first phase Computers were issued to 10 Panchayats, Four Panchyat Unions and for the Office of the Assistant Director of Panchayats/Audit during September 2004. Internet facilities were obtained at all these Offices and the Official reports have been received through e-mail services.
        In the second phase for the remaining 25 Panchayats, Computers were supplied during January 2006. Out of these 25 Panchayats Telephone connections for 20 Panchayats have since been obtained and applications have been made to BSNL for new internet connections. For 5 Panchayats Telephone lines could not be laid immediately due to inaccessible forest area and insufficient points by BSNL. These problems will be sort out early in consultation with BSNL.


        In all the Panchayat Unions “Information Kiosk” has been created, in which all the Basic details such as population, infrastructure facilities of Panchayats are being fed and updated.
        As regards the computers supplied in the First phase agreement has been executed between a Self Help Group and Panchayat for using the internet services and computer for public use and to share the income between SHG and Panchayat.
Details of all the Panchayat, Panchyat Union and District Panchayat on General Administration and other income/ expenditure details were fed in the format prescribed by the Third-State Finance Commission and the details were consolidated in the District level and sent to Third SFC. Preparation of Ward-wise electoral roll for Panchayat Elections based on the Assembly Electoral roll was done in the computers provided to each Panchayat and it was very much helpful for effective information exchange in the District level. Further, the details of progress of the works executed by the Panchayat Unions are fed in the block level and the data are retrieved in the District level for review and monitoring.
        In the Village level monthly accounts and Annual Accounts of the Panchayats are fed in the internet address priasoft(at)tn.nic.in directly in 10 Panchayat and 4 Panchayat Unions. In respect of remaining 25 Panchayats their accounts are fed either in the Panchayat Union or in the Panchayat which has internet facility. Annual Accounts of Panchayat Unions were also fed in the said software. It is easier to retrieve any data in the district and in the sate level.


    E-Governance at Urban Local Bodies is aimed to provide on-line citizen services, information to all hierarchies and monitor performance of all activities.
        Adopting e-governance, the above activities are simplified and made easy to the public to remit their important taxes such as Property tax, water charge, License Fees and Lease amount to the nearest Collection Centre. To pay the tax and non-taxes, Municipality has one collection centre and facilitation centre at Municipal Office Building and one tax collection centre at Market Superintendent Office and one tax Collection Centre at Bank of Baroda, Bedford.


1. Property tax
2. Water Charges
3. Birth and Death Certificates
4. Non-tax Items
5. Profession tax
6. Solid waste management
7. D & O trade license
8. Double Entry Accounting System
9. Vehicle Maintenance
10. Details of Immovable properties
11. Pay Bill


1. Birth and Death certificate fees
2. Child Name registration fees
3. Annual Rental Value fees
4. Building License fees
5. Name Transfer of Property and Water charges
6. D & O license Fees
7. Water supply Deposit
8. Miscellaneous application form fees
9. Tender Deposit
10. Tender form fees
11. Encroachment fees
12. Other income
13. Sale of Compost fees
14. Copy Application fees
15. Rent on Building

        With the developments in communication and information & Technology, the Database servers of this municipality is connected from Municipal Office to Bank of Baroda and Market Superintendent Office through Local Area Network.(LAN)
To review and monitor the Collection of tax and Non-tax items of the Municipality, a separate Wide Area Network(WAN) is created from the Municipality Database server to Regional Director of Municipal Administration, Tiruppur and Commissioner of Municipal Administration, Chennai.
        A separate computer is provided in the ‘Sevaimaiyam’ with touch screen software to enable the public to know their tax, non-tax details and Birth and Death details themselves.

        The Government of Tamil Nadu has introduced Computerization of Registration Offices to Maximize the Registrants satisfaction using Its enabled operations. A project called “STAR” was introduced with the mixings of speedy Transparent Administration of Registration.
        The project aimed at Simple speedy and transparent administration of all registration work. The registration of documents, preparation of encumbrance Certificates, Certified copies are made with an hour and are handed over to the registrants on the same day. Previously registration and handing over of the documents took 3 days Encumbrance certificates 8 days and certified copies 4 days.
        In Tamil Nadu, an encumbrance certificate can be obtained in any computerized Sub Registrars Office, the property of any Sub Registrars Office spread over in Tamil Nadu.

1) Joint Sub Registrar I
2) Joint Sub Registrar II
3) Coonoor.
4) Gudalur
5) Kothagiri

and all the above Sub Registrars Office are Computerized and the Services are available to the public. The following services are rendered through E Governance to the needy public.

In Computerized Offices, documents registered on the same day are returned on the same day.

Encumbrance Certificates from the period of 1.1.1987 on wards, they are prepared and handed over on the same day.

Certified copies of the documents registered after 1.1.2002 are given on the same day. In the same way. certified copies of the Hindu Marriage are given on the same day itself.

The Guideline value of all the Village, Municipalities and Corporations of Tamil Nadu is available with survey Numbers and Streetwise.

Through the on line facility a person in any place of the world can apply for an Encumbrance Certificate. Certified copies of registered documents and Hindu Marriages.

The Public can know the different kinds of Stamp duty and registration fees.

The names of registered societies registered under the societies Act can be known.

The particulars of the chit-funds companies registered in Tamil Nadu can be known.

The particulars of the Hindu Marriages registered can be known from the registered computerized offices in Tamil Nadu.

The Particulars of the Licensed Stamp Vendors in Tamil Nadu can be known.

Public are made aware of the application forms of Enumbrance, Certified copies, Hindu marriages and different kinds Model documents are available. The public can make use of forms without the support of other persons.


The Departmental circulars that made known to the public issued by I.G of Registration are available in WEBSITE ADDRESS: http: www.tnreginet.net/

e-Governance in Department of Horticulture

The Department of Horticulture has established an Horticultural Information Centre at Charring Cross Horticulture Complex in Udhagamandalam with the funds received from Agril. Marketing Board, Chennai.

It consists of computers with internet connection. All farmers are provided with the information sought by them in respect of Horticulture. Information like cost of cultivation of horticultural crops, agronomical practices to be adopted for horticultural crops, package of practices for control of pest and diseases in horticultural crops etc., are being provided at free of cost to all farmers. As Nilgiris District has been declared as AEZ for flowers, may farmers seek information on floriculture crops. A special software has been designed, both in English and Tamil so that the farmers can access all information on horticultural crops through the computer installed in the Horticultural Complex. Information available in the internet are also downloaded and given to the farmers on demand. Printouts of Floriculture projects are also provided to the farmers who seek information in Floriculture, at free of cost.

a. Salaries
        The Electronic Clearance System in the Nilgiris District was implemented during the month of August 2005 from the first month itself all the bills apart from the pay bills of Employees of the temporary sanctioned posts were brought under Electronic Clearance System.
        At present, the Electronic Clearance System is being implemented for all 87 Drawing Officers and all employees are covered under Electronic Clearance System and 100% has been achieved in the Nilgiris District Treasury Unit. In the District Treasury, it was implemented from 01.04.2006 and from 01.08.2006 in respect of all the Sub Treasuries. At the beginning, Electronic Clearance System Package 1 developed by national Informatics Centre, Chennai was used. Now, Package 2 developed by national Informatics centre, Chennai is being used in the Nilgiris District Treasury Unit.
b. Payment of all Non- statutory deductions of Government employees under Electronic Clearance System.
        It was proposed to deduct all Non – statutory deductions under Electronic Clearance System during the month of April 2006. All the drawing officers as well as the agencies of non – Statutory deductions were addressed in this regard. The drawing officers were addressed on 10.03.2006 to carryout necessary changes for non – statutory deductions. During the meeting with the Drawing and Disbursing officers on 23.03.2006, Special Commissioner and Commissioner of Treasuries and Accounts, Chennai also elaborated in this regard in detail. The agencies relating to the Non salutatory deductions as well as the Drawing Officers (in case of Sub treasuries) were requested to furnish the Current/ Savings bank Account so as to credit the Non statutory deductions directly in to the agencies.
c. Payment of all Non-salary items under Electronic Clearance System to all District Treasuries:
        At present the Non- salary payments of All the individuals are paid through Electronic Clearance System in the Nilgiris District. With the consent of the Special Commissioner of Treasuries and Accounts, Chennai, it was proposed that all the individual non- salary payments like General provident Fund, traveling allowances, medical reimbursements, surrender leave salary were put under Electronic Clearance System during the month of April 2006. At present all the Non-salary items of an individual are paid through Electronic Clearance System.
d. Electronic Clearance System of payment for more than one occasion in a month:
            During the visit of the Special Commissioner and Commissioner of Treasuries and Accounts, Chennai, the Treasury Officer on the podium itself has promised to make necessary arrangements for the payment of salaries through Electronic Clearance System for more than one occasion during April. From the salary of April 2006 onwards, has been implemented fully.
                    Apart from this, the salary payment through Electronic Clearance System was implemented in all the Sub Treasuries of this District during the Salary payment of April 2006. At present, even non-salary items like Traveling Allowances, General Provident fund bills, medical reimbursements, surrender leave salaries and loans are paid through electronic Clearance system throughout the District.

        The latest pay bill package compiled by the national Informatics centre, Chennai is being used by the Nilgiris District Treasury unit. The pay bill package covers the Dearness pay.

        The details of the employees drawing salary under the each of the drawing officers are being collected, to facilitate the Treasuries and Accounts department to prepare the salary bills directly in the Treasury itself. The drawing officers were given special Software developed by the Treasury to enable them to prepare the database easily.

  Employment Office

1. Day today registration are fed to the Computers and the identity Card of the Candidates are being given through computers.

2. Details of all the Candidates in this office Live Register are stored in the Computers.

3. Day today renewals are being fed into the Computer.

4. Transfer of outgoing and incoming candidates details and Change of address details are being carried out from the Computers.

5. List of candidates regarding vacancies notified are being prepared through computers.

6. Employment Marketing information Statistics of this District, details of the Employer and Vacancy position and all other
     periodical reports are being sent to Central and State Government offices through Computers.

7. All official Correspondence ( Tamil and English ) made through computers.

8. Pay Bill and other Bills of this office are being prepared through the Computer.

9. Reconciliation Statement and other Accounts are being prepared by the Computers.