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The Royal and ancient game of Golf started in the Nilgiris more then 100 years ago. A few holes started in the grounds of ABC( Archery, Badminton, Croquet) club and partly on the adjacent land belonging to Hobart Park. The present Race course later grew into and 18 hole golf course of international fame. In 1892, the ABC club was amalgamated with the Gymkhana club representing racing and polo interests and all the amusements, thus came under the control of one unit. the Gymkhana club is located about 5 Km from Udhagamandalam on the road to Mysore.

Gymkhana club commands, an enchanting view of the Kundha range of hills, a land swamp of sholas and the rolling Wenlock downs. The present golf links are laid out over 193 acres. For the past 15 years, teams from West Germany have been participating in the Autumn Golf Meet, thus creating a healthy atmosphere of goodwill and understanding among such friendly countries. The club has Constructed cottages to cater to the needs of golfers holiday, and a sojourn in an excellent climate in the sylvan surroundings of the District