Hills and  Peaks


Nilgiris has a number of grassy undulating hills. They are divided by narrow valleys and swamps. W. Francis observes, the plateau is a true table land, its average height being very uniform. But there is not a square mile of level ground in the whole of it, its surface being broken by endless undulations which in places swell into considerable and distinct ranges".

Doddabetta: (11024' N, 76047' E - height: 2636 mts)

The eminent range of heights which runs north-south in the middle of the plateau, reaches its highest point at Doddabetta at about 4 km east south east from Udhagamandalam. Hecuba (2375 metres) Kattadadu (2418 metres) and Kulkudi (2439 metres) are the three closely linked heights in west of Doddabetta range and nearby Udhagamandalam. In the Nilgiris plateau Doddabetta is highest peak of the Nilgiris district remarkable for the flattened curve of its summit. Thick woods decorate the hollows of its slopes. Slightly stunted, rhododendron trees, in the midst of thick coarse grass, flowering sub-elphine shrubs and herbs are common sight even very near to the peak.

Snowdon: (11026' N, 76046' E - Height: 2530 Mts).

This is the northern eminence of the range, which has Doddabetta in south. The Club Hill (2448 metres) and the Elk Hill (2466 metres) are other two significant elevations in this range. Snowdon, Club Hill and Elk Hill along with the Doddabetta, form among themselves the impressive UDHAGAMANDALAM VALLEY.

Devashola: (Height 2261 Mts)

Notable for its blue gum trees, the Devashola stands majestically in south of Doddabetta range

Kulakombai: (Height 1707 Mts)

To the east of the Devashola, the Kulakombai hill attracts one's attention. The height of the Bhavani Valley and the Lambton's peak range of the Coimbatore district stretches before us from here.

Hullikal Durg: (11019'N, 76053'E)

Huli means "Tiger" in Canarese. So, Hulikal Durg means Tiger Rock Fort. The Sanskrit name of his place is Bakasura Parvata situated at 3 km. south east of Coonoor. Pitch tropical forest flourishes at the base of this hill, while the valleys support only green foliage.

Coonoor Betta: (Height 2101 Mts)

This is also called Teneriffe. Standing on the northern side of the gorge, accommodating the railway track to Coonoor.

Rallia Hill: (11025' N, 76053'E - Height : 2248 Mts.)

In the midst of reserved forest, almost equidistant from Udhagamandalam and Kotagiri.

Dimhatti Hill: (11026'N, 77001'E - height: 1788 Mts)

This peak is above the Gajalahatti pass, which provided a short cut from Mysore to the caranatic plains and was, therefore, of much strategic importance in eighteenth century. This peak, dedicated to the Deity Rangaswamy is considered holy by the people of the surrounding villages.

Peaks at Mukurthi NP

In the Nilgiri Plateau the Kundah range of hills serves like a ridge on the south-western side. With the elevation greater than the general level of the plateau, the range also possesses a few peaks, closely approximating the height of Doddabetta.

The Avalanche hill of this range has twin-peaks of the Kudikkadu (2590 metres) and the Kolari (2625 Metres)

Derbetta or Bear Hill (Height: 2531 meters) Kolibetta (2494 metres)

Another height, deserving notice here is the Derbetta or Bear Hill (2531 meters) and Kolibetta (2494 metres). The peaks south of the Ouchterlony valley, are just the continuation of the Kundah range.

The Pichalbetta (2544 Meters) The Nilgiri Peak (2474 metres) and The Mukurthi Peak (2554 Meters) are the important heights of this area. The hills of the Wynaad are generally poor in relation to other height of the district; yet they do impress the traveler because of the generally uniform level of this area. The highest peak in the part of the district, is the Maruppanmudi hill (11031' N, 76027' E) which is 10 km. West north from Gudalur. Its height is 1528 meters. The The other height deserving notices are the Needle Rock, the Hadiabetta Hill (1155 meters) and the Glulur hill (1148 metres)

Chinna Doddabetta (11028' N, 760 45' E - Height: 2392Mts.)

This is about five km. south of Udhagamandalam.

Konabetta: (11030' N, 76046' E - Height:2066 Mts)

This is about 5 km, north-norheast of Udhagamandalam. This is also called Sigur Peak.

Koodal Betta: (11028'N, 76050'E - Height: 2183 Mts.)

The name of this hill means 'Echoing rock' This is about 13 km from North-east of Udhagamandalam.

Kundah Betta: (11017'N, 76043'E - Height: 1998 Mts.)

This is About 10 km of South-southwest of Udhagamandalam.

Kundah Mugi: (11024' N, 76051'E - Height: 2344)

This is about 11 km of east of Udhagamandalam,

Dolphin's Nose: (11022'N, 76054' E )

This is promonotory over the Kotagiri valley about 6 km.east-northeast of Coonoor. The place provides a hilarious view of the Catherine falls and to vast expanse of verdant plains.

Ibex Hill: (11027' N, 76035' E)

This is about 17 km., west-southwest of Udhagamandalam; this is a straight cliff in the proximity of Sigur Pass.

Muttunadu Betta: (11027' N, 76043' E - Height:2323 Mts)

This is about 5 Km, north northwest of Udhagamandalam.

Tamrabetta: (Coppery Hill) (11022' N, 76048' E - Height: 2120 Mts.)

This is about 8 km., south east of Udhagamandalam

Vellangiri (Silvery Hill) (Height 2120 Mts)

16 km west-northwest of Udhagamandalam and measures 2120 metres.