Solid Waste Management



Segregation of Garbage at Source” in  Nilgiris  District.  Managing the  solid  wastes  generated bythe domestic,  Commercia  and  Industrial  establishment  is one of the difficult  tasks  faced  by the Local Bodies. If  the  solid  wastes are  not  scientifically disposed off, it will be a  major  hazard  to  the  Ecology and Environment. To avoid  the  repercussions   of disposing the Solid Wastes in a  non- scientific  manner and  to  protect  the  environment, an  elaborate  and  systematic  way  of  disposing  the  solid  waste  like segregation,  collection  and transporting  the  solid  waste  has to be meticulously planned. In this regard, the  Udhagamandalam  Municipality  had planned to segregate the  solid  waste at the source itself. In this connection it  has  been decided  to  collect  the  solid  waste  from the house holds by  engaging  sanitary workers. To the  places  where it is not  possible  to  collect  the  disposals   from  the  source,  it  has been decided to keep two dust bins, one in  red  and t he other in  green,  at  a  place  easily  accessible  for  the people living in that area.

The general  public has  been   adequately  informed   through  pamphlets  and other awareness programmes to  segregate the solid  waste  and  to  put  the degradable waste in the green dust bin and non-degradable waste  in  the red dust bin.  Apart  from  this  it  has  been  decided  to  keep black  color  dustbins  at   Hospitals  for t he  disposal  of  bio - medical  wastes.  In  this  connection  the following   action   has   been    initiated  -   The    Udhagamandalam    Municipality    had   organized   a programme for  the Residential  Community  Volunteers  and the Self Help Groups on  the  awareness of the solid waste  management on  06.11.2001  at  3.00  PM. About  115   members  have  participated in the programme.  The  Municipal  Commissioner had  elaborated the details and the necessity of the collection of the solid waste  at  the source itself. A meeting  with  the  NGOs like USSS and HOPE was organized on 16.11.2001. The meeting  was  well attended and the service  organizations  have  aired  their  views  in  the regard. The Sanitary  Inspectors  of  the Municipality  had  also  participated  in  the  meeting.  A  training camp was inaugurated  by  the  Collector  for  the  Sanitary  Inspectors  & Sanitary supervisors conducted by  the  Nehru  Yuva  Kendra and  HOPE.